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Rise of the phoenix


We are all on a journey, a journey that will inevitably bring us to a cross roads where we are forced to change or remain the same.

Hey Beautiful! 

My name is Marqueta Jones. I'm the Founder & CEO of Phoenix Fitness Apparel Boutique. 

My journey began when I was a child. Born in San Francisco, CA to drug-addicted parents. At the tender age of 5 I was placed in the foster care system where I battled through neglect, abuse, low self-esteem, and mental health issues. Throughout my life, I've found myself in a position where, like the Phoenix, I was forced to continuously reinvent myself in an effort to survive the many challenges life placed before me.


It was at one of the most vulnerable moments in my life that I found fitness. While on my fitness journey, I began to discover self-love, self-care, and joy. It was during my fitness journey that I experienced my most epic reincarnation and I slowly began to reconnect with self. The ability to reinvent myself through fitness and fashion became the source of my confidence and strength. The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth, strength, and renewal. Phoenix Fitness Apparel Boutique is an embodiment of those elements.


PhoenixFAB is more than just an Athleisure retail store, we are a fashion boutique that represents YOU!

Women and young girls who have and are overcoming life's obstacles to find their best selves. Helping you to show confidence in who you are and have yet to become. So whether you're into fitness, style, fashion, or comfort; PhoenixFAB is the boutique providing a statement of confidence for YOU, the everyday female. Be proud of who you are and let PhoenixFAB help you make a statement about the woman you have yet to become.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Confident, Be You!

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