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What is a PhoenixGEM?

She’s not one in a million, she’s a once in a LIFETIME kind of female.


The #PhoenixGEM is a rare female who radiates an outer beauty that is timeless and an inner beauty that is captivating. She’s a female with an emotional intelligence and confidence that provides her with a superior level of self-awareness. She understands that self-healing is a natural part of maturity and healthy emotional growth. These are the critical elements of her transformation into the woman she is destined to become. The #PhoenixGEM respects her mind, body, and spirit and demonstrates this through living a lifestyle of overall health and wellness.


And as for her sense of fashion, well it goes without saying….. athletic, casual, chic, and sophisticated with a classy touch of sexy.


So…are you a #PhoenixGEM?


To be considered for Phoenix Fitness Apparel Boutique’s Brand Ambassador Program applicants must:


  1. Have an interest in PhoenixFAB demonstrated through following our Instagram and/or Facebook page

  2. Have purchased PhoenixFAB apparel with social media posts tagging @PhoenixFAB and/or #PhoenixGEM

  3. Have a strong social media following and heavy engagement with audience

  4. Have an interest in Athleisure and Casual fashion

  5. Live a lifestyle of overall health and wellness

  6. Complete the form below

Become a PhoenixFAB Brand Ambassador

We'll Be In Touch Real Soon!

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