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Improve your athleticism at

Sacramento California's  #1 

State of The art athletic Training facility  


With nearly 8,000 square feet of training space

athletes from all sports and of all ages come to improve their athleticism in the disciplines of:





After a successful career in the NFL, Alex Van Dyke, owner of Going Vertical, opened this state of the art facility in 2004. Alex's passion is to help athletes who are at the top of their game and looking for that extra edge and also help athletes who are looking to improve their skills with the goal of achieving a more prominent role on their team. In addition, Going Vertical offers a CARDIO ENHANCEMENT training program for individuals seeking to take part in a unique personal or group training program. Alex believes that the common bond among all of his clients is the desire to improve.

Going Vertical’s goal is to help each athlete and individual maximize his/her potential and reach their goals.

Alex Van Dyke.jpg

Alex Van Dyke

Founder/Owner of Going Vertical

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