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“Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation”   -Nelson Mandela


Phoenix Fitness Apparel Boutique, LLC has partnered with #ProjectBirthday to honor and celebrate the lives of some very special children for their very special day.


With the assistance of community volunteer Shavaun Rene; one of Sacramento, California's leading business-women, and owner of Express Weave Bar; Project Birthday hosts birthday parties for our underserved youth. Through generous donations from local community members and the Sacramento business community, each child is showered with gifts, goodies, and fun in celebration of their birthday. But most importantly, each child is showered with love. The Sacramento community comes together to honor these young people, reminding them of how special they are and that they are a vital part of the community. On this memorable day, Sacramento gathers to celebrate the lives of our future leaders. Through this celebratory event, we stand in anticipation of each year of life which brings our young leaders closer to their purpose and destiny. Phoenix Fitness Apparel Boutique is honored to be part of such an amazing community outreach program. 


Shavaun Rene

Project Birthday Volunteer

Founder/Owner of Express Weave Bar

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